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There are places to visit in France besides Paris!

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It is important to the Cottage du Parc that you have a pleasant stay. We will be happy to give you information about all the beautiful places there are to visit in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


Please note that due to the current health situation, some activities we mention may not be available.

Paysage verdoyant

The gorges de la Loire

Travel time: 30 minutes by car

A spectacular panoramic view on steep cliffs and the preserved forest of the Loire. Natural reserve of more than 4000 hectares, the Gorges de la Loire have several authentic villages along their coasts.

Cruises possible from Saint Victor sur Loire

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Travel time: 10 minutes by car

Renown SPA resort and located by the riverside, Montrond-les-bains is a city of water. Possessing an important medieval heritage, Montrond-les-bains is a charming place ideal for a relaxing afternoon. 

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The natural parc of Pilat

Travel time: 40 minutes by car

The natural parc of Pilat has superb mountain and forest landscapes and offers many activities for the family and for sport adepts (bicycle, hikes with dogs, gliders...). Taste the flavours and local products of Pilat.



Travel time: 17 minutes by car

Elected most beautiful market in France in 2019, Montbrison is the oldest and largets market in the Rhône-Alpes region. Historic capital of the Forez, it kept it original charm. The historic center has the highest concentration of monuments in the county. It is great to discover this hidden gem by walking.



Travel time: 1h by car

World capital of gastronomy, Lyon is also renown for the richness of its architecture and history.  Second largest city of France, Lyon abounds in historic and cultural places to absolutely (re)discover.

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Travel time: 35 minutes by car

Part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of design, Saint-Étienne reinvents itself while preserving its historic heritage. The city honors art, thanks to its Contemporary and Modern Art Museum and the countless works of arts that embellish the city.

Table des restaurants


Travel time (for Maison Troisgros restaurant): 37 minutes

Gastronomy is queen in the Loire region. Many Michelin-starred restaurants offer traditional or moderne cuisine, such as Maison Troisgros next to Roanne.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is renown for its gastronomic wealth. There is always a good restaurant where you can make a stop. 

Hiking in Forest

Sport & Nature

Discover the Loire region from the sky!

The air-club in the Feurs-Chambéon aerodrome and Forez Balloon Rides open their doors to those who are curious about aviation.

There are many horse riding clubs and bike rentals in the region, a perfect opportunity to discover the Loire off the beaten tracks.


The Volcanoes

Travel time: 1h by car

A very unique natural site, the Auvergne Volcanoes make us go back in time to the geologic origins of France. 

With more than 80 volcanoes, including its sleeping giant the Puy de Dôme that arose 11,000 years ago, and the Limagne fault, this natural reserve is a legacy renown in the entire world - and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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The Bastie d'Urfé

Travel time: 10 minutes by car

At first a grand monastery of the XIth century, the lords of the d'Urfé family started to inhabit it during the XIIIth century and remodeled it to give it its Renaissance aspect. It is here, and in the Forez area, that renown author Honoré d'Urfé sets the story of L'Astréé, the very first novel of the French literature.

The Bastie d'Urfé has a unique architecture within its walls, make sure to check it out!

Rivière entourée d'arbres

And so much more!

Roanne, the remarquable Renaissance castle of the Bâtie d'Urfé (high place of cultural events), the beautiful 1000 year old priory of Pommiers-en-Forez... there is so much to discover in our region:

We will gladly recommend you places and activities for your stay.

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